Saturday, December 24, 2011

My First Music Review (Traditional Chinese Music and others)

YES!!!!!! I've been meaning to do this and i finally have and please don't judge me because i don't like rap and you know i can understand why people like it and i will say it does sound nice but for me i don't like it because the subject matter tends to change from love and tragedy to party and F b*tches and that kinda annoy's me and yes you could say the same thing about the music i like but with my music songs don't get old and fade away like with rap and hip hop and all those other types of music of today's media. So i just want you to know i don't have a personal hatred for rap i just don't enjoy it like most people and Fuck (yes i'm using fuck here rather then up there) Twilight, this book and movie series ruined werewolves and vampires especially vampires and no vampires don't sparkle when they move into the sun, they fucking burn and turn to ash. enough of the rant until my next video. See you guy's next week.    

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